5 Easy & Affordable Halloween Costumes

Growing up, Halloween was always a highly awaited holiday with tons of excitement! Everyone participated and it would always be a night filled with laughter, screams, and CANDY CANDY CANDY. I always looked forward to seeing what my mom and brothers would pick out to see whose costume was truly the best. Fast forward 10 years and it’s no different! Halloween is approaching and I still love shopping for costumes, but there’s one major difference now versus then – money. I am a very frugal person and the idea of spending tons of money on a one night only costume is an absolute NO.

Do you want to be cute on a budget?

Check out these 5 Halloween costumes that incorporate items you probably already have in your closet. Don’t have one of the items listed? That’s ok! Sub it out for something you do have.

5 Simple Halloween Costumes



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    Blair villanueva

    I always wonder why the Minnie Mouse costumes always looks cute both youngs and grown-ups. There is something about it. Maybe the polka dot skirt? Or maybe the headband..

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