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This week has been pretty awesome! I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and according to my last doctor’s appointment… I may carry this baby until have the date. COME ON JULIANNNNNN! I am so anxious awaiting the arrival of my little bean, but I know that he’s going to come when he’s 100% ready. This entire pregnancy has been wonderful and I’m so thankful for all of the blessings God has showered me with. In addition to regular baby preparation activities, I got to spend quality time with Christopher and our dogs, help my aunt prepare for a mother daughter tea, and rock a beeeeautiful makeup look.




It is so much fun to have puppies, but so messy! This week we cleaned their living area and pressure washed the porch. While we (and by we, I mean Christopher) were doing all of the manual labor, the puppies chased Zeus all around the yard. Poor things! They have so much energy but can’t keep up with him haha. Half way through the chase, they gave up and decided to take a nap in the shade. Whenever they do finally catch him, Zeus rolls over on his back and acts like they are beating him up haha it really is the craziest thing to see.



I’m really feeling this whole “peachy pink” spring trend. This look made me feel so glowy and refreshed. I could be having the worst day ever, apply some makeup, and suddenly I’m in a whole new mood. Overall, this makeup look was super easy. I love love love these babydoll lashes. In the past, applying lashes was such a task, but I have put together the perfect kit to make applying lashes such a breeze. Let me know if guys want to see a tutorial on this look!



Doesn’t this picture just brighten up your day!?! On Sunday I went over to my aunt’s house and helped her get ready for the mother daughter tea hosted by the AKA’s. Getting ready was SUCH a process! Although she looks like an absolute doll in her dress, Journey preferred to be rocking just a diaper. She’s such a ray of sunshine. While I was doing her mom’s makeup, she went into full Indiana Jones mode and explored every possible area of that room. I’m convinced that she’s a professional crawler because i’ve never seen any baby move around that fast!



This week has been so joyful. I find myself appreciating the smaller things in life so much more. I look forward to spending time with my family, coming home to a crazy dog crew, and just enjoying all that I’ve been blessed with. Hopefully next week, I will be doing a post on the birth of my little JuJu bean. *fingers crossed*



What did y’all do this week? Share down below!

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