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Over the last few months, Christopher and I have been preparing the nursery for Julian. Fun fact about me: I hate paying full price for anything! haha When I realized that I had an entire room to furnish and decorate, I wanted to faint. The way my pockets are set up……. no ma’am no ham! Luckily after some research, I realized I could pull off a super cute room on an even cuter budget. In this post, I’m going to highlight some of the larger DIY projects that helped the room come to life.

Most of the furniture in Julian’s room came from a huge thrift shopping trip. The first dresser came from our local Habitat for Humanity and I spray painted it the color that I wanted. (I actually meant to paint the furniture black, but got the colors mixed up when I thought charcoal meant black. lol I now know that charcoal= dark grey). The second dresser came from Katie’s Thrift store in Lugoff, SC and I spray painted it as well. Don’t these two pieces look great?! Overall, the total cost of this project was a little under $100.

I’m super big on education and want to make sure Julian truly enjoys reading so I just KNEW I had to book some bookshelves in his room. Initially, I planned to order some off amazon but when I saw that the super short shelves cost $20 a shelf ….. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I ended up finding this cool DIY tutorial for bookshelves that cost under $20. I got all of the supplies from my local Lowe’s and it took less than 5 minutes to install them. I’m actually thinking of placing more around the room in the future, but these will do for now.

Have you guys tried any fun DIY projects or have any suggestions? Let me know below!

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