Urbini Omni Plus 3-in-1 Travel System Review

Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Review

Strollers are essential for staying active while having a little one! Seriously, if you ever plan on leaving the house at all with your baby/toddler- GET ONE. Personally, I prefer to get more bang for my buck so I focused on picking out the perfect Travel System that would allow me to easily transition from car to stroller and vice versa. After tons of research and in store trails, I decided to go with the Urbini Omini Plus 3- in – 1 travel system and I couldn’t be happier! (A special s/o to my best friend Kai for gifting me this at my baby shower!)


The Urbini Omni Plus 3-in-1 travel system offers tons of options for your traveling needs. This system can be used from the time your baby is fresh out of the hospital to when they’re a toddler. When you order this system, it comes with an infant car seat, bassinet, and stroller frame. The various combinations allow you to use the stroller in the 4 different modes shown below.

Overall, the Urbini Omni Plus 3-in-1 travel system has been an absolute necessity for traveling with Julian. As a result of its sleek and light weight design, I am able to take him on daily walks/runs without ever having to worry about the normal inconveniences involved with other strollers. Are you currently trying to pick out the perfect stroller for you? Below, I have put together a breakdown of the Urbini Omni Plus 3-in-1 travel system based on what I look for in a travel system and highlighted some of its superior features.


  •   Great quality
  •   Easy to clean and maintain
  •   Infant insert comes out to allow for deep cleaning


  • 4 different travel modes
  • Offers a rear facing and front facing mode
  • Toddler seat converts into bassinet

Ease of Use

  • Easy to assemble upon purchase
  •  The stroller handle can be adjusted to different positions depending on the parent’s height
  • The slender stroller frame is easy to collapse and simple to set up.

Price Point

  • $199

Superior Features

  •   Lightweight car seat (7.93 pounds)
  •  Medium sized basket Storage area at the bottom of stroller is the perfect size for diaper bag or other traveling needs
  •   Sleek Luxury look
  •   Car seat features a 5 point harness and contoured body support
  •   Includes a removable preemie insert

Have you ever used a 3 in 1 system? What are your recommendations?

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